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Julie Aida is an Oslo based multi artist, with an interest in shapes and colours. She graduated with a bachelor and master degree in graphic design and illustration at the Oslo National Academy Of the Arts in 2017 after 5 years of studying. As an multi artist, Aida works mainly with different formats, colours and ink. In addition, humour, practicality and playfulness plays an important role in her work. The main focus is to entertain the viewer and to have fun, while creating a positive impact on people’s everyday lives in today’s individualistic and often self-centred society. She’s influenced by food, textures, animals and merchandise.

Aida has been working both independently and with clients since 2011.

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  • «IKKE TENK BARE TEGN» exhibition @ tøyen startup village april 8th - may 4th 2021 / OSLO, NORWAY - coming soon
  • «grineungen» poster launch with YAP @ YME universe / oslo, norway november 2019 (purchase it here)
  • participating in velvet ropes at «got it for cheap» @ galleri golsa / oslo, norway 17-19. aug 2018
  • «UNFASTEN YOURSELF» Sloggi Campaign Exhibition @ Spaces Gallery / oslo norway, march 7-11. 2018
  • «not your average bby girl» @ cyan gallery / oslo, norway 26-28. jan 2018
  • Graduation master exhibition of «JULIEFICATION» @ Oslo National Academy Of the Arts, june 2-11. 2017


  • 2015–2017: National Academy Of the Arts (Oslo, Norway)

Master Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration

  • 2012–2015: National Academy Of the Arts (Oslo, Norway)

Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design & Illustration


diplomas & awards

Visuelt 2019: diploma in category website & portfolio
Visuelt 2017: diploma in category student work

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ph by julianne leikanger for S.A.M.