11 almost free tattoos of cool animals

this personal project page is for my ... personal projects. that doesn't fit in the other categories. but i want to post about stuff that i create based on intuition, excitement, boredom, sadness, happiness, and everything that unknowingly inspires me. 

like tattoos. i want to get better at tattooing and learn everything that i possibly can through my way of drawing. i admire the art so, so much. so i made a comic book with 11 almost free tattoos of animals through a 24 hour comic challenge in a collaboration with the annual comic expo festival every june in oslo. 

1) i had to sell the comic for 50 NOK, so it couldn't be free, even though i wanted it to be
2) only 35 copies were made
3) i love tattoos and the artform
4) i love animals

i sold every copy through my instagram (<3), and i will make more fanzines about other things in the future. if you have any ideas of themes, please share it with me! :---)