sloggi campaign: the unfastened collective

i participated in the unfastened collective with sloggi and their new underwear collection zero feel. i got the wonderful chance to work with strong artists and women such as maya vik, sunniva hargen-sverdrup, vilde haagenrud, hedda gray lægreid, adeline hermier, and thea klingvall. we each made something artsy that ended up as an exhibition. 

i illustrated three posters with my character called blubb, where blubb is surrounded by boring patterns and feelings. it might be a self portrayed serie, cus i often feel i either speak "too" loud or express myself "too" much, which shouldn't feel wrong. i love to print, so i took the opportunity to make some risoprints at my old art academy (khio)! you can find these in the shop too. :-) 

«Sloggi is about freedom and innovation, and will inspire women to cultivate these values in their own lives. With the new underwear collection Zero Feel, Sloggi wants to put women's comfort in focus. The underwear will no longer shape the women's body phase, because we are good enough as we are. With the Unfasten Yourself campaign, Sloggi encourages women to live a life without limitations, free from inhibiting spoons and worn seams. Sloggi has now challenged a bunch of strong and creative women to give an interpretation of what Unfasten Yourself means to them. The campaign is a tribute to the modern woman, created and told by our Unfastened Collective. The result is a collection of works of art, just as diverse and varied in form and expression as the collective self. We hope it inspires other women to raise their voice, say their opinion, and be proud of who they are.» - sloggi about the unfastened collective & the campaign

all photos by facefirst / shawn arvind