world day of suicide prevention 2018

september 10th is the world day of suicide prevention, and else kåss furuseth asked me if i could make a poster, banner, and some pins for her "festival" event in her own apartment in oslo. she invited her musical artist friends, the norwegian prime minister erna solberg, and everyone else who wanted to come. i was really happy when she asked me, because it is a sore subject, and especially when it comes to design, how you can convey the message in the most "correct" way. it was a fun commission, and the most important one i've done so far.

Else Kåss Furuseth is a Norwegian standup comedian, actor, reporter and tv host. She is among other things known as one of the hosts from torsdag kveld fra nydalen and for her performance kondolerer.

photos by mina martine lystad